TK Biography

Tyron Kemble is an experienced trained DJ and producer of progressive/tech house music. He was born in June, 1988, in Amsterdam.
Tyron is a passionate artist who sticks to his roots by DJing in his home town. Although fresh on the scene, he has experience in hot clubs like Escape and The Sand, and even a few abroad. Recently he has released one original mix called Acid, which is full of his own upbeat sound. Passionate about his music, he wants fans to have as much fun listening as he does creating!

Shortly after, Tyron began attending Pioneer DJ School, and that was when his love for music took off professionally. At first he honed his skills as part of a duo, but his invigorating presence and upbeat self-motivation allowed him to strike out alone. Since then he has made quite a name for himself, playing alongside internationally renowned artists.

Tyron enjoys collaborating with a variety of DJ’s to expand his horizons and share his skills. Most of all he enjoys watching a person really get into his music, especially if he can use his talent to make them feel uplifted.
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